Choosing a Room to Use as a Home Gym: Learn How to Beat the System and Retain a Thick Wallet

The newest fad has been making an unused room in your home, into a home gym. Does that sound like the neatest weekend project? This project will have a long term health benefit for you, because you will be able to work out in your own home and watch what you want to on your own gym TV. Want to know the secrets to creating your own private gym? Read on…

Long lines at your current work out spot may be driving you nuts. The following week you stop at a different location and find the machines you like to use are not at this particular location. Tired and frustrated, you leave unable to get a good workout.

This seems to be the continuous problem with local gyms these days. Instead of being upset and spending tons of money at a membership gym, why not save up your money and buy a few key machines for your own home gym?

The best room to use for a gym is the one on the ground level of your home. The machines you order or pick up yourself are heavy and going to need to be moved into their location once they arrive.

Instead of going up two or three flights of stairs, the safe and more manageable way would be to have the gym on ground level. If you have an extra bedroom on the second floor of your home and it’s the only open room in the house, then you have no choice but to have your gym in that room.

What are the Best Machines for Home Use?

Although there are many different manufacturers out there, some companies share similar features in their equipment. If you are looking for expensive models, then you need to do your own research for the machines that are right for you.

Many home gyms offer a wide variety of machines on a short budget. Some include barbells for bench curls while others don’t.

Some classic machines to think about are:

  • Treadmill – Runs between $450 to $3,000
  • Elliptical – Runs about $1100 to $4,000
  • Barbells / Dumbbells – Range in price per each size and weight
  • Jump Rope – Varies tremendously in price
  • Mini-Trampoline – between $19 and $25
  • Squat rack – about $70 to $500
  • Total Body Gym – about $4500
  • Iron Gym – $50

Again, the choice to include the above machines or not, is up to you. This is your home gym, where you should be most comfortable doing exercises for your body.

How Much Does a Home Gym Cost?

You have to set the price you want to spend. If you have to redesign the room, you have to budget that expense into the entire room.

The cost of fresh paint and non-skid carpet could run you about $3000.00. If you are going to use tile, please choose something that doesn’t have a high shine and save yourself from a slippery accident! Many home gyms have wall mirrors to help reflect the natural light in the room.

This is a good idea when your space is small. A general price for a home gym on the slim side is $500.00. You can get good used equipment from your paid membership gym, when they buy new equipment to replace the old. The $500 is a general number, and may actually be a little more or less. It all depends on you!